The Mighty Paladin is a superhero who's adventures can be followed on his YouTube channel and his Webtoon. His adventures are illustrated using Gacha. The character was first created in the 1980s for a pen and paper RPG called Villains & Vigilantes. He is the Avatar of his creator Lee Walser. This Wiki will EVENTUALLY give information about the character, his friends and foes and the whole universe he lives in, THE PALADIN UNIVERSE. Unfortunately this is a very ambitious project, and it's going to take quite a while to get it really going. I'm doing this alone while still trying to churn out new episodes of the show. Volunteers are welcome. At the moment I'm starting by uploading all of the videos to this site. Because I don't really know what I'm doing. So if you're new here and you want to find out what this is about click the explore tab and go to videos. Eventually I'll add other content.

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The Mighty Paladin, Swan Song, Gadget, Stainless, Sakura Gozen, Shadow, Kathy, Shelly, Kitty, Predator, Dr.Wyrd, Dark Knight, Red Dragon, Master Xianwi, Donner, Gun Smasher, Control Freak, Hatsya Kanlaon, Ubermensch, Bright light, Dream Princess, Flipp, Galaxan Eric, The Executioner, Steel Head, Buzz, Lighting Bug, Johnny DeLasco, Mr. Huff, Spencer Huff, Rat King, Bobo, Danny DeLasco, The Ferret, Black Bat, Blackest Knight, Villainy, Bruce, Black Bird, Daryl, Vision, Black Star, Gang Green, Drug Dawg, Dreamer Chibi, Queen Bee, Bee Men, Swarm, Eris, Shady, Dracula, Vlaad The Slayer, Shadoudoragon, Wufangchu, Lingling, Eye Jinn, Dr. Fang, Sherkahn The Tiger Man, Bulletproof Boxer, Pyro Red, Cultist Armin, Leslie, Moloch, Hanzo, Mr. Sugimoto, Intelligentsia, Walpurga, Overpower, The Barron, Lorelei, Hellfire, Concrete, Rat poison, Rasputin, Dirk Invaze, Contrast Eddie, Mama, Maw Maw, Mr. Argent, Vulcan, Dongfangli, Glumwatch, Herman, Kondo Isami, Rika, Al Watson, Karl Soren Seasons, Vulcan Heroes, ASHO, Volsung, Asgardian, Golden Apples, China, Paladin Universe,

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